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La Bottega di Brunella

la bottega di brunella logo

Brunella and Vito created La Bottega di Brunella in the 1940s out of passion for natural fibres and Italian craftsmanship.

Brunella has evolved into a well-established fashion house filled with warmth, creativity and style.

All garments are entirely made in house in the beautiful Amalfi coast village of Positano.

The labels genuine commitment to ethical practices sustainability and meticulous quality control can be seen and felt within its raw and completely biodegradable materials. A fusion of intricate looming techniques and tightly-kept artisanal secrets, give the designs an effortless yet elegant look.

Brunella’s style is truly unique and timeless.

The story of the family is weaved within each piece, where the art of cherishing the smallest detail translates to beautiful garments.

Most pieces are one-size-fits-all, designed to enhance and flatter any body shape.

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